Chapter Fifteen: When Chris moved to Dallas, he bought a Movie Studio In 1992 and built his third recording studio and continued producing Christian hits, scoring a major motion picture starring Lou Diamond Phillips, and creating the children’s series “Gerbert’ aired on CBN network and ABC Family. Among the films and television shows shot and produced at the Studios were Robocop, J.F.K, Born on the Fourth of July, Walker, Texas Ranger, Leap of Faith, Silkwood, Barney, and the nationally-known Ace Award Winning children’s Christian series, Gerbert. Also, world-renown bands regularly used Chris’s Movie Studio to rehearse for upcoming tours, including artists such as Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, the Everly Brothers, ZZ Top, and Willie Nelson, to name a few. So, what was it like to own the largest movie studio soundstage in the South, along with overseeing a Public Studio Tour with one of the largest movie memorabilia collections and have the world’s biggest stars in your building on a daily basis?