Your Grandmother’s Prayer Story

My Grandmother Mayme Smith

It seems like yesterday that I was standing at the bottom of a billboard on Sunset Boulevard, looking up at a huge image of Cotton, Lloyd and Christian. Today I’m standing in the yard playing catch with my grandsons.

One day I said to my dad, “You’ve been such an encouragement and support for me growing up. How can I ever pay you back?”

He said something I’ll never forget: “Just do the same thing for your children.”

I followed my dad’s example as well as I could. And now that I’m a grandfather, I’m hoping to repay my grandmother for all she did for me—by doing the same for my grandchildren. Grandparents do things for their grandchildren mostly out of unconditional love, not obligation. And I hope I can give the love, support, and encouragement to my grandchildren that my grandmother gave to me.

Do you have a story about how a Grandmother’s (or grandfather’s or parent’s) prayer has affected your life? Are you a grandparent who prays for your grandchildren? I’d love for you to share your story in the space provided below.

Chris Christian


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