Chapter Twenty-Two: Throughout Chris’s life journey, he came to understand many things about how God had worked in his life. He gained knowledge about himself, as well as how the world really works – both in the secular and Christian business communities. Chris looks back and sees how looking back enables us to see how all those defining moments lead to other, equally impacting life episodes. It also clearly demonstrates how God answered the prayer of a 4th-grade boy from Abilene, Texas and his grandmother’s prayer for her grandson. Who could ever imagine a little boy from Abilene, Texas would become a world-renown producer and global influencer?

The heart of this chapter challenges readers with tangible takeaways they can incorporate into their thinking, relationships, life decisions, and includes examples of the power of prayer. It is often while looking with a rear-view mirror perspective that we see the wisdom gained over a lifetime, and how our life’s Defining Moments somehow work together for a higher purpose.